Following a law degree, Stephanie Page started working in the Swiss bank industry. Few years later, Stephanie realized she wanted to break away from the daily grind and started a Master’s Degree in Luxury Management. But even with a new diploma in her hands, she realized that her real passion was linked to creativity, though in which form?

Having always loved pictures, Stephanie decided to channel this passion and pursue photography in 2017.

Her ambition with a photograph is to use her lens to capture the moment and provide frames that timelessly capture a memory, a moment or a mood.  

Stephanie particularly loves portrait photography as it’s an opportunity to engage with a range of people. She also enjoys creating alternative fashion shoots and injecting a dark or mysterious aspect.

Photography creates a perfect balance between reality and illusion and Stephanie uses this as her medium of creative expression to tell stories and capture moments that she would not have seen in her previous life.